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Vendor Spotlight: QuickPivot

By Ken Magill
Cross-channel marketing-services provider QuickPivot claims to offer fast and easy-to-use, big-league campaign-deployment capabilities for marketers who don’t have big-league budgets.
“QuickPivot is a company that builds fast, affordable and super-easy-to-use software for really smart marketers,” said Paul Mandeville, chief product officer for QuickPivot. “We try to amplify the value or our software with a bunch of internal-services people who are also smart, but their job is to make short work of the troubling data strategies and production bottlenecks that hurt a whole bunch of mid-size brands.”
The company’s target vertical is mid-market retailers, he said. 
“We’re targeting what we call first-world brands with third-world budgets,” Mandeville said. “It’s companies like Allen Edmunds and Puma and Smith Optics, brands that you would think have massive marketing budgets because of their name recognition … but they may have a marketing budget, including direct mail, of $2 million a year. But they have millions of customers in their database and a prospect database of tens of millions, so they need really aggressive and high-performing query capabilities.”
QuickPivot, he said, “does a number of things that everybody else in this [cross-channel marketing services] space does. It does a couple things way better, and it does one thing that is truly unique.”
When asked about the “way better” category, Mandeville said: “At the price point that we make this technology available, there is no other solution that I’m aware of that allows you to get the big-data query performance and speed that we offer, and the segmentation and analysis speed that we offer. We’re a big-data solution without a big-data price tag.
“You can literally load up tens if not hundreds of millions of records in the database with virtually no limits on the numbers of attributes and you’re going to get a query response that is something on the order of a second to sub-second response consistently,” he said.
Mandeville also said QuickPivot offers the only cloud-based system that allows marketers to use its query-and-segmentation engine to create print catalog segmentation-and-mailing plans.
“From that same interface that you do digital targeting, you can do actual full, direct-mail waterfall segmentation plans,” he said. “All of these mid-market retail brands are still in the catalog business. The problem is they’ve got an email vendor and they’ve got some specialized piece of technology that never talks to the email technology that is just used for catalog print file production. It’s a crazy expense they incur that perpetuates the silos that everybody talks about breaking down, and we’re trying to break them down.
“That user experience is the same user experience as you use for doing digital targeting for your email campaign,” he said. “So you can take a user and train them how to build an email query and in 15 more minutes they’re almost dangerous enough to build a full waterfall segmentation plan without anybody getting hurt or waiting hours for queries to run.”
When asked what QuickPivot does that no one else does, Mandeville said: “We’ve basically rethought the way people build lifecycle marketing programs, the actual visual process of building them” with a drag-and-drop interface called Program Palette.
He added Program Palette is difficult to describe without visuals and sent me a link to a video. I agree that the video does a much better job of illustrating QuickPivot’s Program Palette than a written description could.
Here is the link. Watch the Program Palette video.

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