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Vendor Spotlight: Scratch-it

By Ken Magill
Scratch-it offers a tool that allows marketers to make their emails more interactive by turning them into messages that work like scratch-off lottery tickets.
“We sell a piece of software we call a reveal-marketing conversion platform,” said Simon Spencer, marketing director at Scratch-it. “It allows the marketer to create interactive pieces of content.
“Initially we are focusing on sending Scratch-its through email, but we want to grow through interactive streams whether it be Twitter streams or Facebook streams,” he said.
The company’s current offering, the Scratch-it tool for email, significantly increases opens and clicks and even the time people spend on senders’ landing pages, said Spencer.
He added that the novelty factor—where people initially interact and then response drops significantly in subsequent mailings—is not a big issue as long as the Scratch-it tool is used properly.
“Basically you’ll see an initial big spike because it’s a new, fun thing,” he said. “Then you’ll see a little bit of a drop off, but it doesn’t go back to normal rates.”
New clients can expect to see click-through rates to go from 1 to 3 percent to 11 to 13 percent after implementing Scratch-it, he said.
He added that in order to use the tool properly, it is important to craft the right content.
“One of the things we push with our clients is the idea of sticky content,” Spencer said. “Sticky content is something you send on a regular basis that is not necessarily something that is selling your product or service. It’s more like a knowledge piece, something that your customers might find fun or interesting … like an interesting trivia fact. Those have been working very well in the B-to-B space.”
He added Scratch-it has a team dedicated to getting new clients started using the tool successfully.
“We do take into account that maybe not everybody knows how to create reveal marketing programs,” Spencer said. “There is definitely a lot of hand holding through the initial process.”
Scratch-it currently has about 50 clients, said Spencer. The company charges a licensing fee and on an interaction basis, said Spencer.
Get an example of a Scratch-it email sent to your inbox here.

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