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With Video Email, You Have Less Time than You Think


By Ken Magill

Any marketer who wants to add video to their email had better keep its length under a minute if they want to stand even the slightest chance of getting the whole thing viewed.

Or so it would appear at first glance.

The majority of people who view email videos stopped viewing at around the one-minute mark, according to data on campaigns sent for five clients by TailoredMail.

Among the metrics the Bellevue, WA-based video email service provider offers clients is number and length of views.

In seven campaigns, the highest average view time was 1 minute and 10 seconds for a video that was 2 minutes and 28 seconds long.

That’s over a minute of video that was not seen by the majority of people who made the effort to see it.

“Anything over a minute is getting watched from 55 seconds to a minute 10 at most,” said Angie Thain, marketing communications director for TailoredMail. “If you keep it under a minute you stand a much better chance at getting a full view.”

However, even keeping email videos under a minute apparently doesn’t guarantee full views.

A two-mailing campaign with a 43-second video sent on behalf of Tom Douglas Restaurants to 5,787 people achieved 371 unique views at an average 27 seconds viewing time on the first mailing, and 11 unique views at an average of 38 seconds viewing time on the second.

Thain said she wants to do more research to see if average viewing time tends to be a percentage of the length of the video rather than a specific length of time.

Below is a chart made from information supplied by TailoredMail.

PSAMA: sent to 3,316 people     
 Length  Unique Views  Total Views  Full Views  Avg. View Time  Avg. View %
 1:46       214                    399               87                0:56                      53%
B2C Video, sent to 690 people     
 Length  Unique Views  Total Views  Full Views  Avg. View Time  Avg. View %
 2:28       69                     177               59                1:10                      48%
 2:28       34                     113               39                0:58                      39%
B2C VIDEO sent to 10,613 people     
 Length  Unique Views  Total Views  Full Views  Avg. View Time  Avg. View %
 2:10       1,118                 2,157            372              0:52                      10%
B2B VIDEO sent to 2,743 people     
 Length  Unique Views  Total Views  Full Views  Avg. View Time  Avg. View %
 1:51       318                   438               181              1:07                      61
TOM DOUGLAS RESTAURANTS B2C VIDEO sent to 5,787 people  
Length  Unique Views  Total Views  Full Views  Avg. View Time  Avg. View %
 0:43      371                   622               233              0:27                      64%
 0:43      11                     14                 11                0:38                      89%

Source: TailoredMail


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