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Where Are They Now? Pridemore Loses GA GOP Bid


By Ken Magill

Former email entrepreneur Tricia Pridemore over the weekend lost her bid to become chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Despite having the endorsement of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal—for whose campaign Pridemore was a volunteer—she lost to incumbent GA GOP chairwoman Sue Everhart, drawing 36 percent of the delegates’ votes to Everhart’s 48 percent.

After a reportedly extremely contentious contest, the vote gave Everhart her third and final term.

“She was a two-term incumbent and had just come off a successful election cycle,” said Pridemore. Referring to the contentiousness of the campaign, she said: “Convention politics is the ultimate Roman arena.”

She added that she has no hard feelings, however. “I was a Republican before this and I’m a Republican now.”

Pridemore ran for the chairwomanship in an effort to help the Georgia GOP get more technology and Internet savvy.

“My base is made up of people mostly under 50,” said Pridemore.

She said her current plans are to take some time and get some rest. When asked if she’d run again, she said it was too soon to tell.

Previous to her current political activity, Pridemore co-founded e-mail marketing software provider Socketware in 1997—she went by her maiden name Robinson then—with four others, including her husband CEO Michael Pridemore. She was chief marketing officer.

They changed the company name to Accucast in October of 2005, the name of the company’s software.

They sold Accucast to business communications outsourcer Premiere Global Services in February of 2006 for an undisclosed sum.

Since selling the company, Michael Pridemore has taken up competitive shooting.


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