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Ken Magill

About Us

About Us

You may know Ken Magill, formerly the man behind the Magilla Marketing e-mail newsletter. His unique voice, candor, and expertise attracted a select audience of Internet marketing insiders that regularly sold out the available advertising to leading interactive-services and -technology providers trying to reach decision makers.

Now, Ken is bringing that edge to his own venture at His new venture will provide readers and advertisers with the same insightful reporting and honest voice, the opportunity to engage in the dialog, and the ability to benefit from and contribute to a select library of insightful how-to and reference information on best practices in interactive marketing.

What’s in it for Readers?

  • Fearless reporting on Internet marketing available nowhere else
  • Rare insights from someone with real-world direct-marketing experience
  • Regular reports on studies and surveys relevant to your business
  • Intelligent, brash and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny analysis
  • The real stories behind the PR nonsense regurgitated elsewhere
  • Occasionally, even some juicy gossip (Magill loves gossip)
  • Authoritative, insightful, how-to and reference information related to getting things done.
  • The ability to comment and submit content for potential publication.

What’s in it For Advertisers?

The Magill Report’s aim is to provide the best editorial content and to build the most qualified list of e-mail subscribers and regular Web site visitors. This venture is about quality, not quantity, and will leverage best practices to get it.

That means building the subscriber list through permission-based, viral and public relations strategies resulting in the cleanest, most engaged list of the decision makers that vendors most want to reach.


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