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Magill FFL: Division 2 All Knotted Up

The TowerData Techies and the Return Path Rage won this week, leaving them both with 6-1 records and on top of Divisions One and Three, respectively, by two games each.

Meanwhile, e-Dialog’s eD’s TDs lost their third straight game, leaving their record tied with two other Division Two teams: Message Systems’ MS Destroyers and Permission Data. All three have records of 4-3.

Return Path beat e-Dialog by a score of 131.28 to 86.8. TowerData beat the ArcaMax Blasters by a score of 136.34 to 79.48.

StrongMail’s Orange Crush lived up to their name this week by thumping PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior 142.48 to 78.74.

StrongMail mainly benefited from a strong performance by Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer, who scored 49.48 fantasy points. StrongMail was also this week’s leading scorer.

StrongMail’s record is 3-4, putting them in third place in Division One. PL Marketing’s record is 2-5, putting them in fourth place in Division Two. But since every other team in Division Two has a record of 4-3, PL Marketing should not be counted out.

Harte-Hanks Heroes and the Pontiflex Dumbos both put their records over the .500 mark with wins this week.

Harte-Hanks beat the Yesmail Raiders 111.72 to 48.6, leaving them in the No. 2 spot in Division One with a record of 4-3.

The Pontiflex DUMBOS beat the Spamtacular Bastards 92.76 to 73.44, leaving them in the No. 2 spot in Division Three with a record of 4-3.

Both are two games behind their respective division leaders, the TowerData Techies and the Return Path Rage.


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