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eDataSource Announces Open-Rate Tracking


By Ken Magill

eDataSource now can track the open rates of the emails of more than 2,000 brands, the email intelligence firm announced today.

Launched in 2003, eDataSource monitors the email- and social-marketing activity of thousands of companies.

According to eDataSource, its clients can now identify which competitors’ email campaigns are working best in terms of opens and benchmark their own efforts accordingly.

An “open” is recorded when the receiving machine calls for graphics from the sender. Messages can be opened without graphics. What’s more, graphics can render in the preview pane without the message having been opened.

As a result, the so-called open-rate is not a true measure of how many of a campaign’s messages have been opened.

However, many marketers use the open rate as a barometric measure of the health of their programs. For example, an open rate suddenly dropping at Yahoo! would indicate something’s wrong at that ISP.

Likewise, an open rate significantly climbing would indicate the marketer is doing something right and engaging recipients.

“Open rates for email campaigns is the newest addition to eDataSource’s data and analytical capabilities focused on providing its clients with competitive intelligence and actionable insights for email and social media marketing,” eDataSource said in a statement.

eDataSource also claims it provides “statistics on campaign reach: the number of unique recipients of an email campaign and inbox placement: the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox vs. the spam folder.”

“With open rates, our clients will be able to pinpoint specifically which of their competitors’ email campaigns are achieving engagement,” said Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource, in a statement. “This provides for benchmarking that is far more precise than general industry or market sector statistics.”

According to eDataSource, the company studied the open rates of Sears and Walmart for a month and found that where Walmart had an average open rate of 35 percent, Sears’ average open rate was 11 percent.

“Sears sent out 10 major ‘blasts’ (campaigns going to more than half of its list) during the thirty-day period, whereas none of Walmart’s email campaigns went out to more than half of its list during this period,” the company reported. “The higher level of engagement experienced by Walmart could be a reflection of its more targeted approach.”


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