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e-Dialog Solidifies Division 2 Lead

By Ken Magill

e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs solidified its Division 2 lead this week by beating arch rival Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 142.66 to 83.

The win put e-Dialog’s record at 8-4 and Message Systems at 7-5, leaving Message Systems one game out of first place in Division 2, but still in contention.

Message Systems suffered unexpected poor performances by Philadelphia’s defense and St. Louis running back Steven Jackson while e-Dialog benefited from particularly strong outings by Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers and Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles.

Meanwhile, Return Path extended its league-leading winning streak to seven in a row by beating the ArcaMax Blasters 137.6 to 115.08. Return Path leads Division 3 with a record of 11-1.

And with just two games left in the fantasy-football regular season and the closest team to Return Path in Division 3 being The Pontiflex DUMBOS with a record of 5-7, Return Path is the first team this year to secure a spot in the Magill Report Fantasy Football League playoffs.

Playoff spots in Divisions 1 and 2 are still up for grabs.

In Division 1, Harte-Hanks Heroes moved up to one game out of first place by beating division-leading rival TowerData Techies 121.18 to 82.3.

The game left TowerData’s record at 9-3 and Harte-Hanks’ at 8-4.

Also in Division 1, StrongMail’s Orange Crush beat the Spamtacular Bastards 124.32 to 119.28, leaving StrongMail’s record at 5-7 and the Bastards’ at 4-8.

The Pontiflex DUMBOS beat Yesmail’s Raiders 121.34 to 52.06 and PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior beat Permission Data 79.32 to 63.04.


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