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Funny Punctuation Watch: "Magill-Meat?"

By Ken Magill

As some readers are aware, I complimented the blog Box of Meat last week, explaining it is the top blog on my “favorites” list and a source of many story ideas.

The folks over at Box of Meat responded by posting my comments and saying if they had an appropriate tchotchke, they’d send me one. Why a tchotchke? What: You’re in Saudi Arabia? No liquor stores nearby?

In any case, anti-spam and deliverability expert Al Iverson blogged about the incident and headlined it: “The Magill-Meat Love Fest.”

One problem with that headline: It should have been punctuated The Magill/Meat Love Fest,” with a slash between Magill and Meat, not “The Magill-Meat Love Fest” with a hyphen.

The hyphen makes Magill-Meat a compound modifier to Love Fest, meaning someone had a love fest with Magill Meat.

With that in mind, I have a few questions: Was I alone in the Magill-Meat Love Fest, or were there one or more other participants? [Notice, I’m taking as given that I wasn’t sober during the Magill-Meat Love Fest.]

Was my wife aware of the Magill-Meat Love Fest or do I have some ‘splainin to do?

Is the Magill-Meat Love Fest the reason we mysteriously ran out of flour and finger paints?

Was the Magill-Meat Love Fest illegal in Texas? Conveniently ignored in Utah? Encouraged in San Francisco?

Were any animals harmed and/or traumatized in the Magill-Meat Love fest?

Did the Magill-Meat Love Fest involve my computer or any other electronic equipment?

Was the Magill-Meat Love Fest videotaped? If so, have the video taper and any viewers finished bleaching their eyeballs?

Did I scream like a little girl during the Magill-Meat Love Fest? Did I make any promises in order to get the Magill-Meat Love Fest started?

Was Magill-Meat the love fester or the love festee?

If I deny the Magill-Meat Love Fest, is there anyone out there who can describe a birth mark?

Do I have to move to Holland?


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