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GetResponse Unveils Segmenting Tool

By Ken Magill

GetResponse, a unit of Poland-based emarketing technology provider Implix, announced today it has developed a list-segmentation tool for use with its turnkey email-marketing product that allows senders to target recipients by behavior, preferences and geographic location.

“GetResponse Advanced Segmentation is a tool that lets non-techie marketers create highly targeted groups of subscribers according to where they live, how they behave, and their personal tastes and interests,” said Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse, in a statement. “Not all customers are alike, and what appeals to one may not interest another. Advanced Segmentation helps marketers send the right messages to the right people at the right time.”

According to a 2009 study by Marketing Sherpa, accurate segmentation can deliver up to 39.8 percent higher open and click rates.

Also, according to a study by GetResponse, 54 percent of marketers said they intended to focus on personalization and targeting in 2010.

But while the benefits of list segmentation are self evident, the tactic isn’t as widely embraced as one might think.

According to a study by JangoMail, 42.2 percent of American email marketers always segment their email efforts and 32.4 percent segment either never or not often.

One barrier to segmentation is the effort it takes to build the different creative for different segments.

However, email inbox providers, such as Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail, have begun efforts to make email delivery decisions based on individuals’ interactions—or lack thereof—with senders’ messages.

As a result, even if a message is permission based, if the recipient hasn’t interacted with the sender’s messages for an unspecified period of time, the sender’s messages may end up in the receiver’s spam folder or get blocked altogether.

In order to get its customers to embrace email segmentation, GetResponse is planning outreach efforts that will include several Webinars.

“It’s going to be an educational process,” said Monika Rudnicka, marketing director for GetResponse.


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