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Magill Report FFL: And Then There Were None

By Ken Magill

The Return Path Rage and e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs both lost this week. And as a result, there are no undefeated teams left in The Magill Report Fantasy Football League.

e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs went into Monday night down to the TowerData Techies 105.22 to 151.64, needing an unlikely miracle from New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

And while Edwards led his team in receiving—targeted 11 times for five receptions and 70 yards—he failed to score for the first time in three games, leaving e-D’s TDs well short of a victory.

e-Dialog and TowerData lead divisions 1 and 2 with records of 4-1.

Meanwhile, the Return Path Rage went into Monday night losing to Permission Data by a score of 103.4 to 88.76, but looking somewhat promising with one more player to go: Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson.

However, Peterson ground out 88 yards on the ground before the Vikings abandoned their running game because they were trailing. Peterson also caught one pass for 20 yards, giving him a combined fantasy score of 10.8, resulting in Return Path just losing to Permission Data by a score of 99.56 to 103.4.

Division-3 leader Return Path’s record is now 4-1 and Permission Data’s is 3-2.

The Spamtacular Bastards also went into Monday night looking for a miracle and failed to get one.

After Sunday’s contests, the Bastards were down to Harte-Hanks Heroes 126.88 to 79.56 and needed a superhuman performance by New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson. However, he turned in a mere-mortal’s performance and scored just 10.7 fantasy points. The final score in this matchup was 126.68 to 90.26, leaving Harte-Hanks’ record at 3-2 and the Spamtacular Bastards at 2-3.

Message Systems’ MS Destroyers bounced back from a miserable performance last week by Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler by starting Detroit quarterback Shaun Hill in his place. As a result, Message Systems beat PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior by a score of 128.88 to 64.14.

Hill contributed to Message Systems’ victory nicely by scoring 32.98 fantasy points in a 44-to-6 rout over the St. Louis Rams.

The win lifted Message Systems’ record to 2-3 and put the Orchard Lake Warrior’s record at 1-4.

And despite starting New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady—who was on a bye week and, therefore, guaranteed to score zero—the Pontiflex DUMBOs were able to edge out StrongMail’s Orange Crush by a score of 80.9 to 76.96. The matchup left Pontiflex’s record at 3-2 and StrongMail’s at 2-3.

The ArcaMax Blasters beat the winless Yesmail Raiders 181.04 to 49.54. The win boosted ArcaMax’s record to 2-3. ArcaMax was this week’s leading scorer by a wide margin.


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