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Magill FFL: Permission Data Creeps Up on e-D's TDs

With their second loss in a row, e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs are in danger of slipping into second place in Division 2 of the Magill Report Fantasy Football League.

Despite scoring the second highest number of points this week, e-D’s TDs had the misfortune of playing the league’s top scorer, PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior, and lost by a score of 136.92 to 147.3, dropping e-D’s TDs record to 4-2.

Meanwhile, Permission Data—also in Division 2—Beat StrongMail’s Orange Crush by a score of 104.78 to 94.82. The win put Permission Data at 4-2, tying its record with e-D’s TDs.

Though their records are tied, e-D’s TDs remain at the top of Division 2 and Permission Data occupies the second spot, presumably because e-D’s TDs’ division record is better than Permission Data’s.

[I can’t be sure, though. I couldn’t find any information on Yahoo fantasy football’s rules on ties. If anyone else finds them, please send me a link at]

The Return Path Rage bounced back from last week’s loss to beat Harte-Hanks Heroes by a score of 116.68 to 72.76.

The win put Return Path’s record at 5-1, leaving them two games ahead of the 3-3 Pontiflex DUMBOS at the top of Division 3.

The DUMBOS lost to the TowerData Techies by a score of 69.38 to 96.06, putting the DUMBOS’ record at 3-3.

TowerData leads Division 1 with a record of 5-1 and is two games ahead of Harte-Hanks, whose record is 3-3.

Message Systems MS Destroyers won its second game in a row this week, beating the ArcaMax Blasters by a score of 107.9 to 101. The win brought the Destroyers’ record to .500 at 3-3.

The Yesmail Raiders got their first win this week, beating the Spamtacular Bastards by a score of 88 to 84.12.


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